Pathways to Parenthood

We’ll walk beside you, as a partner and friend, as you create your family. Selecting an egg donor or gestational carrier is an important decision. We’ll help guide you through the process. 


Why others choose us



Our expertise is personal. We’ve faced similar challenges.


20 years

We’ve been guiding people down this path to parenthood for almost 20 years.



We’ll be there for you, professionally and personally, throughout the entire process.



We proudly serve regions in the Midwest, Southwest and West.

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Your Path to Parenthood

Creating a family is such a personal process. Struggles with fertility can make it seem clinical, impersonal, and cold. Our goal is to help you find an egg donor or gestational carrier in a way that is respectful and personal.

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We provide families with options. Once we’ve helped you select a donor or gestational carrier, we’ll partner with your physician group to coordinate screening appointments and we’ll be there for you throughout the entire process, as an advisor and friend.

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Lisa Henkel
President, Reproductive Assistance Inc.

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For nearly 20 years, we’ve been your partners in parenthood. Reproductive Assistance is an egg donation and gestational carrier agency. With offices in Cincinnati, Dallas, and Denver, we are connecting people on the path to parenthood with egg donors and gestational carriers all over the country.

Chances are that someone you know is experiencing the challenges of infertility. In fact, this company was born out of my own personal experiences with infertility. I know this journey to parenthood firsthand and am happy to be your guide.

Are you exploring your options on growing your family? I would love to speak with you about your options with egg donation and surrogacy. Can you help others on this path to parenthood as an egg donor or gestational carrier? Contact me today and together we will make a difference for life.


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